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The original Sun Oven® - updated design!

If you've heard of Solar Cooking, you probably know that it is only limited by the solar cooking device you are using. For nearly 30 years, the Global Sun Oven ® has provided the standard by which everyone measures this ability. Now, we have updated and refined the design further, making the Sun Oven even better.

The Aussie Edition Sun Oven is a serious cooking appliance that gives the very best performance, experience and results.

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The Sun Oven ® has been an easy to use, highly effective cooking device for nearly 30 years. Now, it has been updated to be even better!

The Sun Oven uses only the rays of the sun to cook your food quickly, healthily and perfectly! It is designed to last 20 years of use and will pay for itself in less than 5*. It reduces your carbon footprint and prepares you for emergencies. It also allows you to cook while camping or on a boat - anywhere the sun is shining!

Here you will find information on solar cooking and can order one of the best solar cookers the world has to offer!
* Depending on use
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Cooking in a Sun Oven® is Easy. Simply put your food in, point to the sun and go back to what you were doing.

In just a little more than the time it would take in a gas / electric oven your food will be cooked & ready! Cooking in a Sun Oven is also very forgiving and does not dry out or burn food easily - even if you leave something in for way too long! Gourmet results for the 'non cook'!

You can cook nearly anything in a Sun Oven as it can reach temperatures of up to 205ºC (400ºF) - no matter how cold it is outside.
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Food cooked a Sun Oven ® solar cooker is better for you.

Not only does it taste better (more succulent and flavoursome), vital nutrition is not lost in the same way as it is in a gas / electric oven. And let's face it - we need all the nutrition we can get these days. The risk of smoke / cancer causing substances from burnt food and microwave absorption are avoided too.

The Sun Oven® is a great device for those who care about their health.
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Just imagine - up to 20 years free cooking from the sun! There are no on-going or maintenance costs.

At current electricity prices, if you use the device like we do, it will pay for itself in a few short years. Compare that to the alternatives! We believe that a Sun Oven will be your best investment yet. Unlike other devices, it is made in the U.S.A. from the best and safest products available.

Simply amazing - save money while cooking everyday!
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As inhabitants (and guardians) of this planet, it is good for us all to be wise in the pollution we create.

A Sun Oven will reduce your carbon foot print as it only uses the suns rays to cook food. As it is designed to last 20+ years, landfill waste is reduced as well. To help things more, the manufacturer donates ovens to developing countries to further help humanity and reduce the global carbon foot print and help others less fortunate.
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Once you have used a Sun Oven for a while, you will be amazed at how much it can do.

Whether you use it for cooking dinner while you're out and about, for cooking while camping, baking for treats, drying for health or just everyday at home, a Sun Oven is a serious cooking appliance that will save you untold time and money.

Food will never taste the same again…you will wonder how you did without it!
The Sun Oven ® solar cooker is a great investment. Buy it once and get free cooking for years! Add to this the benefits of 'leave and cook', healthier food, tastier food and environmental sensitivity - and you have a winner!


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