Australia’s best reliable source for solar cooking supplies, solar cookers and the Global Sun Oven®! And now…the Aussie Edition Sun Oven® is available…

YES - both of these quality solar cookers are made in the U.S.A.
Sun Oven Australia Team
There are now TWO versions of the Worlds best selling and most effective Sun Oven! For 28 years the Global Sun Oven ® has provided the world with consistent, gourmet results. It is the standard in comparing solar cookers from both industry and the health conscious.

But now enter a new and improved version! In America the new version is the ALL AMERICAN SUN OVEN - while for the Asia / Pacific region we have the AUSSIE EDITION SUN OVEN! This new version has many extra features and benefits.

Both units will give you many years of trouble-free, consistent, free-energy results!

Global Sun Oven ®

Global Sun Oven ® Not the All Amercian Sun Oven
Global Sun Oven ®
The Global has been the world leader for nearly 30 years!

It is safe, reliable, easy to use and gives consistent results.

The quality design is made in the U.S.A. with quality materials and can last 20 years of everyday use.

This device in no means is obsolete. It is still a favourite and a very good valuable option if you do not need the slightly larger size or hotter temperatures. We still use two of these devices on a daily basis and will for years to come!


Aussie Edition Sun Oven - All American Sun Oven
Sun Oven® Aussie Edition.
Expanding on nearly 30 years of experience, the Aussie Edition makes a few improvements for even better results.

The glass is thicker giving better insulation, the glass whiter for more heat, the internal dimensions are 20% larger, it has a more stable leg for windy conditions, it comes with alignment indicators and a full featured CD with 600+ recipes.

All this combine to give a device that is even better for cooking in the sun - easier to align, heats up faster, gets hotter, stays hotter for longer, fits more in and can handle rougher conditions!
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Many of the features of the Aussie Edition Sun Oven ® are now available to genuine Global Sun Oven® owners!

See the 'Buy Now' page for details!
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