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Australia’s best source for quality solar cookers from the Sun Oven® range!

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As we love solar cooking, we love the effect and benefit of the sun and ALL stars! They give off life, sustaining energy, light and heat. They are breathtaking on a clear night (especially in the amazing skies of Australia!) and help us see how small we are in this universe. But more than that, they tell us a story…

Below we have a Christmas message for you regarding a particular star that you may have heard of, but only thought was a 'fairy tale' - we hope you will enjoy it. If you pay attention and read carefully, you will get the chance to save a lot.

Christmas - ‘the star of the fairytale’
It is recorded that around 25th Dec 2 BC some wise men (called Magi) arrived at Bethlehem after following a star to give gifts to a toddler living in a house. Yes He was born in a dirty stable but by the time the Magi arrived, Mary, Joseph and Jesus would have moved on. The Magi had travelled for around 1500km by camel to get there and gave very expensive, symbolic gifts to this little baby. Why? What was this star and what does that mean for you today?

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Stars / Astrology
In times of old some of the wise men realised that the stars and heavens were telling a story and declaring amazing things. They studied and looked for signs of what was happening. These people were acutely aware of the heavenly bodies...

September of 3 BC
The king planet (Jupiter) went into close conjunction (nearly touched) with the king star (Regulus). This was rare enough on it's own, however this time it happened not once but 3 times. The stars were saying King! King! King! But not only this -
where it happened was also amazing. It happened in the feet of the constellation Leo (the Lion). Why is this important? Because In the Bible (Genesis 9:9-10) it is said the King will come from Judah (the Lion) and the rulers staff will be between His feet!
But then, after this amazingly, Virgo the virgin constellation follows Jupiter into the sky and she is clothed in the SUN! (this fulfils more words in the Bible:
Revelation 12:1 “... I saw a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon beneath her feet, and a crown of twelve stars on her head”) Guess what is at her feet? That's right then the moon rises! The stars (and moon) were speaking!

June 2 BC
Jupiter (the king planet) & Venus (the mother planet) come into such close conjunction they appear as one. From specific calculations, we know this is the brightest star anyone has ever seen in the sky up until this point. This ‘bright star‘ fulfils all 9 needed points of ‘the star’ mentioned in the Bible. Far from a fair tale, this actually happened.

December 2 BC
Jupiter, after it’s motion through the sky stops (appears due to retrograde motion) right over the town of Bethlehem. The Magi find Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus giving Him 3 symbolic gifts. GOLD - He was the king FRANKINCENSE - He was the priest MYRRH - He was born to die

Why did these pagan Magi see the star and everyone else missed it? Because they were looking at the stars for signs, and they read the predictions of God’s prophets thanks to Daniel who God saved from the lions. Everything ties in together nicely...

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You may be very sceptical of predictions - with good reason. From the ambiguous writings of people like Nostradamus and some religions, to the weather / stock forecasts, they are often wrong. Very wrong. There have been at times however, prophets that the True God actually spoke things to - specific things - that came true to the letter. Pin point accurate and undeniable. When this happened people knew and wrote it down along with details of what actually happened (the fulfilment). You will find hundreds of these that are verifiable in the Bible. Some of these prophesies however, were predicted for future times and wise men would (and do) look for their fulfilment. Some of these prophesies predicted the birth of a King who would save and rule.

A virgin will give birth to ‘God with Us’
(Isaiah 7:14). A ruler will rise from Bethlehem (Micah 5:2). He will be a descendant of David (Jeremiah 23:5-6) Many boys will be being killed when He is born (Jeremiah 31:15) He will die for the sins of the world (Isaiah 53) None of His bones will be broken (Psalm 34:20) Soldiers gamble for His clothes (Psalm 22:17-18) Betrayed by a close friend (Psalm 41:9) for 30 pieces of silver (Zechariah 11:12) He will be buried in a rich mans grave (Isaiah 53:9) He will rise again! (Psalm 49:15). Many, many more were written and fulfilled. P.T. O.

Enter the name for this tabbed section: 4 Story

The Real Story
As amazing as all this is about the stars and ‘Christmas’, the true star is the one born in a manger.

The whole Bible tells the details of a loving God, Creator of everything, who brings life to everything. Despite His love, care and protection, people chose to do the only one thing He said not to. The intimate relationship was broken and guilt, shame and sin entered the previously perfect world. The effects of this ‘fall‘ should have lasted forever.

But God makes temporary provision for sinful people by supplying animals to be the payment for their sins. If a perfect lamb was killed, the blood would be accepted as payment for the people’s sin against the Holy, perfect, loving God. God provided a way for people to live with Him despite their sin. But they still could not come too close or they would die.

But then, planned from the beginning, God sent His own and only Son to earth. His own Son would become the one and only sacrifice for sin, for all people, for all time. Jesus was perfect, Divine. He lived a sin-free life and performed many. many miracles. Then, after telling His disciples what was about to happen, He allowed Himself to be arrested, tortured, humiliated and finally killed. His life, ministry and death fulfilled hundreds of prophecies spoken thousands of years earlier, to the day! But why?

Enter the name for this tabbed section: 5 Why

He did it for you! The wrath of God landed on Jesus, His own Son, for your sins and killed Him. It is impossible for you to earn forgiveness no matter how good you are, how much you try or which religion you follow. We are all born sinners, we sin and are slaves to it. It often feels good at the time and sometimes we are not even aware of it. But even one sin needs to be cleansed otherwise we will be separated from God for good and His anger will burn against us.

Only God Himself could cleanse you of sin. He loves you so much that He sent Jesus to die on your behalf. When He died on the cross, He paid for all your sin. This torture and death were meant for you... but He took the punishment instead!

No matter who you are, what you have done or what you believe - there is only one way to be made right with God - by the blood of Jesus. Ask God to save you this Christmas. He can.
Believe and Trust what Jesus did for you and your sin. Repent (turn away from your sin) and follow Jesus. In return He will change you, help you and save you. If He saves you, you will live with Him forever. This Christmas why not think about Jesus - the one who started this whole thing? Give Him your life, honour Him as King, Priest and Saviour! His birth was God’s gift of life to you! The code for a discount is “Save me Jesus”

Enter the name for this tabbed section: 6 the Book

When we read the Bible in certain places we can see a lot about the birth of Jesus described and explained. In just one chapter about the story of Jesus we can see 9 things about the star the Magi followed to find the baby Jesus. All 9 can be verified as fulfilled by accurate calculations in the time around Jesus’ birth. (see for more detailed information) These things are not isolated.

Many, many prophecies recorded thousands of years before the event(s) by people in distant lands have been shown to be accurate. And they happened without knowledge of the prophecy. For instance, Roman soldiers did things that were prophesied to Jesus and with His clothes. These Romans had no knowledge of the prophecies and certainly would have been trying to avoid anything coming true to do with the Jews desire for their own king.

Archeology has continually also uncovered things once thought to be false or fairytales. In every case they verify the authority and accuracy of this unique book. From the walls of Jericho that fell to civilisations that were thought not to exist, the Bible has long stood the test of calculated and thorough scrutinization.

Science in it’s true form continually supports the Bible despite the constant efforts of theorists to propagate ideas without foundation. Many top scientists agree with the statement “a little bit of science will turn you away from the Bible... but a lot of science will turn you right back to it” - issued by a very famous scientist you probably know who!

No matter which way you examine the Bible, you will be faced with the same questions: “Will I believe it? ” and “what will I do about it? ”.
Our desire is that you would ask ‘God’ to reveal Himself to you, that you would know the truth about God, Jesus, the Bible and that you would be saved. If you need a Bible please ASK and we will give you one for free.

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"I had to phone you, I just finished eating breakfast cooked in the sun oven! Baked bread as well. I'm over the moon"
-Bob QLD

"I have cooked some delicious dahl and now have some small tomato and basil frittatas in which I will take to a meeting tonight and boast about my new Sun Oven. The temperature is 250 degrees."
-Beth S.A.

"this is amazing, it is so easy to use. my first try was with a loaf of brioche . it coked in 30 mins to a beautiful golden brown and was delicious.i put in a dish of bacon mushrooms and tomatoes and they were ready by the time i had set the table and i made the drinks. later i put in a dish of sweet and sour free range pork and angled another dish of chicken meat loaf on the top of it. they were ready in 45 mins and cooked to perfection.
i have done roast vegies galore and my next mission is sun dried tomatoes using the parasol shade.
it is such fun and what a conversation piece. definitely one of my better investments "
- Kate W.A.

pixel_trans A great example of a commercial sun oven. The build quality is great. The unit is light, as the outer shell is ABS plastic. The reflector system works very well and is designed to be super easy to setup and it is!

I have cooked several meals in this oven inc roast lamb and chicken with vegetables. The meat was very tender, almost falling from the bone. The veggies were great. I have also baked several loaves of bread it turned out fantastic. The cooking times are a little longer than a normal oven but that doesn't detract from the ability at all. I would whole heartedly recommend this to anyone willing to invest in a alternative method of cooking. It helps save our planet in a small way."
- Phil N.S.W.