Australia’s best reliable source for solar cooking supplies, solar cookers… Please note the Global Sun Oven® is no longer available. It has been updated and is available as the Aussie Edition Sun Oven®. The below is for reference only.

Is the Global Sun Oven® made in the U.S.A. ? - Yes! With American-made parts! *
Happy Solar Cookers Around the World!
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The Global Sun Oven ® is not the only solar cooker out there! Solar cooking has been around for generations!

We believe though that the Global Sun Oven ® is the World's Best commercial design and it's sales around the world reflect this. Read the other tabs for more information about this great device...
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Here are some benefits of the Sun Oven over other Solar Cookers (either on the market or make your own plans).

- Easy to Use
- Easy to Pack Away (packed away size just 40cmH x 48cmD x 56cmW)
- Easy to regulate Temperature
- High Temperatures for Baking / Roasting
- Large Cooking Size (33cm x 33cm)
- Usable Cooking Height (16 - 26cm with levelling base or 18 - 29cm without)
- Well Insulated - will keep food hot for hours after sun goes down!
- Very LIght & Compact
- Very Large Reflector Surface Area (4 reflectors 40cm x 56cm plus 36cm x 36cm direct) Approx one full square meter of collection area!
- Quality Polished reflectors.
- NO PLASTIC inside the cooking area! A quality metal finish is used to avoid the many problems and potential health risks of plastic)
- Well Insulated - will keep food hot for hours after sun goes down!
- High Quality Materials and Construction
- Built in Thermometer
- Self-Levelling Internal Base
- Built in Adjustable leg
- Manufacturer committed to helping the poor / disaster afflicted
- Made in the USA from U.S.A. manufactured parts * (with the exception of the thermometer). Beware of cheap Chinese knock-offs.

Nothings comes close to the Global Sun Oven ® in terms of quality, cooking size, ease of use or results.
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Food Cooked in a Sun Oven Solar Cooker is better for you...Using a Sun Oven Solar Cooker can save you a LOT of money and there are many other benefits too!

Health Promoting - Vital Nutrition in the food is not lost due
Health - avoidance of cancerous compounds from burnt food
Health Risks of Smoke from Cooking Fire is Eliminated
Health Damaging Microwave Radiation is Avoided

Food Tastes Better - cooked in own juices
Food Is Better - vital nutrition is not lost
Food Feels Better - more succulent & not dry
Food Stays Great - no hots spots = no burning!

Saves Time - no need to stir, watch or be present
Saves Sanity - come home to a hot home cooked meal after work!
Saves the Environment - no Carbon Output
Saves Money - no electricity or gas use at all!

Use in Fire Risk Areas - no danger!
Use in Summer - keep kitchen cool
Use Anywhere - Camping, Parks, Beach etc
Use with kids - at their level, much safer than gas / elec
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We started into solar cooking as we needed a device to cook outside due to extreme heat inside in summer. We had built our whole home camp from scrap materials and planned to do the same with a solar cooker. Designs were many and ideas were easy.

But when it came to construction and actual performance, we found we would have to spend quite a lot of money for materials that would be effective and safe. So much in fact that it simply was not worth the time and effort involved. While we make many things ourselves, a solar cooker that would last, be compact and light and effective was a lot harder to make that we thought!

We looked around the globe for the best one available and quickly discovered the Global Sun Oven ®. Used heavily around the world with raving reviews we soon decided to import them and sell them to others who needed a quality device.

We have been amazed at what the Global Sun Oven ® can do and at how it out performs everything else we try. It looks so simple but in practise it's design is just right.

We have tested the Global Sun Oven ® against most commercially available units and it has won convincingly every time. We still think that there MUST be a way of making a better one - but so far no one has succeeded.

Without naming other brands we have found it:

Is much higher quality
Is much easier to use
Has hotter temperatures
Has more usable cooking space
Is easier to Adjust temperature
Is faster to pack away
Is better insulated
Is more stable
Will last a lot longer
Is much better value

While we know that a range of items are available - we firmly believe that the Global Sun Oven is one of the best, only surpassed by the newly released Aussie Edition Sun Oven ®. You may find another brand cheaper - though many simply don't work very well and are limited in what they can do. Others may work but only last a few years due to poor quality. Still others are very dangerous & require constant attention & alignment. And many make false claims and use potentially toxic / hazardous materials.

Another large draw back with other solar cookers is the actual cooking size - particularly the height. Many have only 15 - 17cm height which severely limits your cooking ability and the pots you can / can't use. The Sun Oven however is easy to use, has a large cooking size and is very high quality. It is also very versatile so can be used for baking and simmering, fruit leathers and roasting!

While the energy conversion principles are the same for many solar cookers, the materials utilised in manufacturing a SUN OVEN® have been carefully researched to include the most efficient materials available. In order to capture the maximum amount of energy, achieve the highest possible temperature, and retain the greatest amount of heat possible while minimising the weight, the materials utilised have been selected based on efficiency and quality.

The GLOBAL SUN OVEN® has been devised to meet up to 70% of the needs of a family of 6 to 8 people in a developing country, entirely with the power of the sun. Even though it is called an oven, food can be boiled, steamed, roasted or baked at cooking temperatures of 360° F / 182° C, making it ideal for cooking the majority of foods in the developing world. This ruggedly built solar appliance weighs only 21 pounds / 9.5 kg and will last more than 20 years.
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While the initial cost may seem high, a Sun Oven ® can pay for itself very quickly, and then actually save you money! There is no ongoing costs or maintenance needed (other than cleaning) and each time you cook you are saving money.

If you look at the cost of running a gas / electric oven to cook every day, the cost adds up considerably over the years. Before you even look at maintenance, repairs or replacing the gas / electric ovens, the Global Sun Oven ® makes great economic sense. To add to this, we have rising and unreliable service supply and many people on bottled gas pay even more for their cooking energy.

A quick calculation can show that with regular use, a Sun Oven can pay for itself in 3-5 years. This is ONLY taking into consideration the electricity or gas savings. It will pay for itself a lot quicker if you use it for drying foods and baking as well. If you factor in the cost of an oven or a dehydrator you can probably half the time to pay it off. Regular users can in effect save around $2000 over the course of the life of this product…all while gaining the health and taste benefits too!

Of course being prepared for an emergency is another free benefit - as is being able to cook while on the road, camping or picnic-ing! Another by-product of using a Sun Oven is the lowered cooling costs for your home in summer.

While the cost of importing the Sun Oven ® is very high (with Freight, Insurance, Cargo, Importing Fees, Landing Fees, Customs / Quarantine, GST, Storage and Transport), we have invested heavily to bring it into Australia. We believe it is one of the very best solar devices available in the world and represents top value for money.
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Problems with the Sun Oven ® are basically unheard of. If you ever have a drama with your oven we are able to help you out. At any time. For any reason!

We do get asked from time to time about a smell that has been reported on some Sun Oven review sites (globally).
We can say we have never had any smell nor any reports from customers who have been nervous about smells due to health conditions - quite the opposite. We would never sell a product that had this issue.
The inner chamber of the genuine Sun Oven® is not plastic and lets of no smell after it's initial treatment (instructions included). Again, this may not be the case with cheaper, inferior or imitation units.

The Sun Oven is not covered for damaged caused by abuse or mis-use. That said, we can help even if you set off a bomb (read: a sealed can of beans) and the glass smashes. All parts are available if needed.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to offer support to low quality imitation solar ovens that are being sold by unscrupulous sellers.. Make sure it's a genuine Sun Oven®!
A solar cooker that is good value needs to be very effective in what it does, use high quality parts for the safe for cooking food and needs to last for years of everyday use. The Global Sun Oven ® has stood the test of time!


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