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Enter the name for this tabbed section: Home Grown
Many people (us initially as well!) want to make their own solar cooker. There doesn't seem to be much to them and it should be an easy and fun exercise right?

Well fun, possibly - but it is far from easy. As many people will attest, getting a solar cooker design that works well is very difficult. Even if you have the right design, you will find that sourcing the products that perform and are safe for cooking edible foods is very difficult.

We found that we would have spent a vast amount of time, effort and money before getting a design that was even close to the Sun Oven®. One of the hardest things to obtain is a good, safe seal between the glass and the oven chamber. The materials needed are not cheap unless you are willing to put up with health risks (we aren't).
Although we built many things ourselves, the solar cooker project was deemed un-viable and we decided (after much solar cooker research) to buy a Global Sun Oven ®.

We are VERY glad we did! If you are looking for a fun project to show solar cooking can be achieved easily with minimal cost, make your own solar cooker - it will be great. But if you are looking for a serious cooking appliance that will perform and last years - buy a Sun Oven ® - you won't regret it!
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Parabolic Cookers
Comparing the Sun Oven ® and a parabolic solar cooker is like comparing a family sedan and a drag racer.

A parabolic solar cooker will cook very fast - but needs constant attention and adjustment. It is very dangerous and can't be used in windy conditions. It isn't very versatile in what it can cook either.

Just like a drag car which is fast in a straight line - but can't be used for useful things like going to the shops for food and needs a qualified driver to operate.

The Sun Oven ® however can be used by nearly anyone without any experience. It can be used for a wide range of foods as well. From Roasts to Baking to Drying Foods, to Boiling and Casseroles - it is very easy to use and is very effective.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Indian
There is a respected solar cooking crowd in India that manufacture an oven being sold in Australia.

It is hard to compare the Sun Oven ® with the Indian devices, as they are very different in many key areas.
The U.S.A. made Sun Oven ® is very high quality, while the Indian ones are, unfortunately, very poorly made. The cooking area is severely limited in height and the temperature is a lot lower with the Indian units. A big show stopper for us is the toxic smell that comes from the cheap paint inside the Indian unit - totally unacceptable. We refused to use our test unit for food at all.

The range of cooking of the Indian solar cooker is also limited severely both by it's size and lack of heat / insulation.

It's poor build quality and limitations make it a poor value choice despite it's lower initial cost.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: European
There is a solar oven being promoted as European (though it seems to be manufactured in China) which shows more promise than the others.

Unfortunately, when compared to the Sun Oven ®, it too is limited in it's cooking size. While it is promoted as larger, the actual useable size is very limited due to it's height. While the Sun Oven ® can fit TWO roasting dishes on top of each other, the European unit can't even fit one. This means that many of the dishes and pans you would likely want to use, you simply can not. Another major let down in actual use for this oven is both the complicated use of inserts for reflectors is tedious.

When cooking with this unit, we found the lid extremely frustrating. The top glass lid does not give you full, easy access to the food. Unlike the Sun Oven ® which opens up fully, this unit proves to be a real hassle if you want to access your food, the annoyance becoming more apparent the more you wish to do so.

As a serious cooking device, the unit simply does not perform.

The Sun Oven ® is very easy to use, easy to see the temperature (and adjust if needed) and easy to access the food. Again in these areas the Sun Oven ® is vastly superior to the competition and represents and much better value option.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Imposters
The Sun Oven ® is such a good device that some unscrupulous people have copied the design and try to sell it with inferior quality materials and workmanship.

As you would expect, the Sun Oven ® out-performs and out-lasts these despicable devices. This is amazing considering these quick profit 'thieves' have copied the Sun Oven ® as much as they can - and they still can't get the same results!

As with any counterfeit / copied goods, avoid them and their promotors at all costs for the good of the industry, your health and long-term investment.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: American
The Aussie Edition Sun Oven ® is made and assembled in the U.S.A.

As with most items these days, the build quality and materials is what reflects the overall effectiveness, value and performance of any particular device.
The Sun Oven ® was designed to over-come the common failures of many solar cookers - and made from quality components in America.

The All American Sun Oven
This recently released oven will not be sold in Australia. Instead, the Aussie Edition Sun Oven will be sold through authorised outlets. You will receive an oven customised for Australia and will receive full service. The American Sun Oven will not be supported and is not authorised for sale in Australia.

PLEASE NOTE: We have been informed that some online sellers (including those on large auction sites and reputable retailers) are selling counterfeits unit. Others are using the transaction to commit credit card fraud. The American Sun Oven is NOT available in Australia through authorised channels - we are unable to help if you choose to dishonour us, the industry and gamble with these people / companies.

We don't think you can make a better choice for your solar cooker! Do your research and talk to those who have actually used the Global / Aussie Edition Sun Oven ® and other solar cookers - you will find the testimonies match - the Global Sun Oven ® is unmatched but now improved in the Aussie Edition!

On paper, many make bold claims - though in actual use, you need a device that actually works. Choose the Sun Oven® 
Solar cookers come in many shapes and sizes - but for great, consistent and lasting results, you need a serious solar cooker. The Sun Oven ® is a serious cooking device perfect for everyday use - it won't let you down!


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