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Solar Cooking - the most rewarding, fun and responsible way to get gourmet results!
Sun Oven Australia Team!

The Sun Oven® makes solar cooking easy, effective and fun. Join the many thousands worldwide who have benefited from this amazing device!

Solar Cooking

Solar Cooking is an amazing activity that is starting to take off around the world. Originally utilised due to necessity, this form of cooking is now being pursued by many around the world for it's many benefits.

On the next few pages you will find some basic information about solar cooking, who does it, it's benefits and why the device you use is so important…
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In general Solar Cooking with the Sun Oven is very easy and logical - these tips are just to help you refine or for those who might not find it logical.

Recipes - Nearly any recipe can be used - the only thing that is normally different is the cooking time. In general we add 10 - 15% on to the time quoted in a recipe. In days of partial / light cloud cooking times will increase. It is not recommended to use the Sun Oven although it may be ok for drying / low temperature tasks.

Cookware - Again nearly anything can be used - but dark pots with lids work best

Temperature - Face directly to the sun (eliminating all shadows) for highest heat. To regulate or lower this, turn the oven away from the sun slightly.

Unless using for a low heat application, pre-heat the Sun Oven before putting food inside.

Gloves - WARNING! The inside of the oven gets hot! Do NOT pick up pots without heat protection after cooking. As with any oven - beware of heat / steam when opening the door.

Steam - Generally, steam on the inside of the lid indicates the food is ready. If you are boiling water or similar this steam will reduce the temperature of the oven. Cover to avoid this or open the lid of the Global Sun Oven ® very slightly.

Browning - If you have cooked a roast etc in a covered dish or pot with a lid, you may want to cook for a while at the end to crisp it up.

Remember if you keep opening the lid, the oven will cool down & cooking time will increase.

Ready for a time - If you want food ready sometime away, face the Sun Oven to point to where the sun will be when it needs to be cooked. ie If you go to work in the morning & want your food ready for when you come home at night - point the SunOven to where the sun will be in the afternoon. The food will then be cooked in the afternoon before sun down, and stay hot for when you return home!
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How to Cook Curries - From sloppy Vindaloo to a dry Rendang, the Sun Oven will give great results! Some like to cook and mix the paste in a pan first and then put the mixture with the meat in the Global Sun Oven ®. We generally just throw it all together and still get great results! With curries you can attain even more flavour by cooking slowly over a longer period - turn the Sun Oven away from the sun to lower the temperature slightly.

How to Get Great Roasts - If using the Roasting Dish a roast is very easy. Either with a lid or with-out you will get great results. Experiment to achieve the results you like. Some people like dryer more crispy meat (lid off) others (like myself), like juicier meat (lid on).

Baking Breads / Cakes - Pre-heating the oven is important for baking breads. If you find that you leave the door open for too long or the temperature drops too much, allow it to heat up before putting the bread in. You may find it easier to put in a heat pad (a ceramic like stone that warms up as the oven gets hot). These can be helpful in gas / elec ovens as well. They are cheaper & can also be used to keep dishes hot for longer when serving.

Drying Fruit / Leather / Jerky - Use the drying racks stacked up to 3 high (available separately) and layer the food single layer. Leave the glass door open & cover the opening with the fly screen food cover (sold separately). The temperature can be regulated as per normal and air flow will allow the leather to dry over the course of 6-10 hours depending on the density and thickness of your fruit. Our trials have led to much better results than commercial dryers that take 10 - 16 hours & use a LOT of electricity.
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Leave the door latches open while the oven is not in use. This lets moisture evaporate and prevents acid build up.

Inside - if you spill something wipe it off right away. Do not use scrapers or scourers.

Glass - You may need to clean the glass from time to time. If it gets dark underneath from continued use - use a scourer very gently. Then wipe with a cloth & polish with a tea towel. The glass will polish up like new.

Reflectors - If the reflectors get dirty (either from dust / dirt or food spillage) use a soft damp cloth (no solvents or detergent needed) and wipe down. Then use a tea towel to polish the reflectors. Just rub gently in circles until the reflector dries & then keep rubbing - the reflector will get an intense shine to it.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Care
Don't leave your Sun Oven (or any Solar Cooker) out in the rain!

Use heat protection if pickup up items that are hot!

Don't use knives / scourers on the Sun Oven

Don't open the glass door with your face close to it.

Leave the door latches open when the oven is not in use.

Don't leave the door wide open when the oven leg is extended.

Close the reflectors while not in use to avoid extra cleaning duties!

If you want to use in windy conditions contact us for a simple way to avoid the unit being tipped over.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Cleaning
Problems with the Sun Oven ® are basically unheard of. If you ever have a drama with your oven we are able to help you out. At any time. For any reason!

We are unable to offer support to low quality imitation units that are being sold. Make sure it's a genuine Sun Oven ® !!

If you have any problems or questions at all - please contact us immediately.
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Nearly any recipe can be used for rest results in the Global Sun Oven ®. We have a few to get you started though - just sign up to our newsletter and you will get them for free. You will also be notified of new products and recipes as they arrive. When you buy a Global Sun Oven ® you will also receive a computer disk with recipes and instructions.
The Global Sun Oven ® solar cooker is a great investment. Buy it once and get free cooking for years! Add to this the benefits of 'leave and cook', healthier food, tastier food and environmental sensitivity - and you have a winner!


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