What is better than a Global Sun Oven ®? An AUSSIE EDITION of course! Read on for details.
We have teamed up with Sun Ovens Int to bring you the new and improved AUSSIE EDITION SUN OVEN!

This unit has the same design, features and performance as the ALL AMERICAN SUN OVEN - but is customised for use here in Australia.

Many have asked - but the ALL AMERICAN SUN OVEN will not be released in Australia - if you see one being offered it is not authorised and should be avoided.

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The AUSSIE EDITION SUN OVEN has many benefits and new features:

Larger Cooking Size,
Whiter Glass for higher temperatures,
Thicker glass for better insulation,
Alignment lenses to help you get the most out of the sun,
A flat adjustment leg with pegs to make it much more secure for windy conditions,
A dual purpose levelling rack,
A choice of thermometers

For more details see the Products Page and order yours today!

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