Electricity prices are going UP!

News this week in Australia...prices are going up AGAIN!

South Australia being the highest in the nation, Western Australia will now take second place with prices rising to THIRTY CENTS per Kilowatt hour!!!

Take a look at what this means for you -
Cooking costs mount up over the course of a year.

Now, with the very high (and rising) cost of electricity, the results can be astounding.

Take using the oven - a fairly large consumer of electricity in the average home*:

An electric oven can be rated as low as 1000 watts or as high as 5000 watts. The large age oven, the higher the wattage and higher the wattage, the quicker it will heat up (in general).

For many ovens used on medium - hot they use around 2400 watts and unto 4000 watts.

This means that PER HOUR of cooking (ignoring warm up time) it is costing you 90 cents, and up to $1.50 depending on your oven.

Let’s say you use it once a day for just one hour and you are looking at $6.30 per week or just under $330 per year! Again, depending on your oven, this could be as high as $550 JUST for your oven!

We have been saying for years: the Sun Oven ® is a fantastic investment. In fact, with these new figures we think we should start a challenge...

Stay tuned for more!

* Gas ovens often cost less to run, however there is the toxic gas, ill health to pets (especially birds) and humans. The cost of a gas oven is also often up to double that of the same model in electric option (that takes a LOT of cooking to recover!). Gas costs a lot to install and bottled gas can be more than electricity too - so we have centred on electric for this comparison.
Cooking in the Sun is FREE - a lot cheaper than gas and there s no installation cost!! 😂
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