Happy Passover!

Roast Lamb, Lamb Shank, Charoset, Potatoe Pancakes & Passover rolls!
Celebrate with our Jewish friends the passover with a Sun-Roasted Lamb! Juicy Succulent and full of flavour. Recipe for the roast is easy… a sprig of Rosmary, a basting of Olive oil & some whole Garlic. Seasoned with Celtic Sea Salt. We roasted a wide range of vegetables too - potatoes, carrots, beetroot, sweet potato, onion, purple onion etc.

We also went through a Christian Passover meal with our children - looking at the amazing journey of the Israelites, the symbolisim of the different parts of the meal and how Jesus fulfilled so many aspects and prophecies of the Jewish people. A great & fun night but more than that it was an incredibly meaningful night for us as a family. Jesus - the lamb that was slain to take away the sins of the world!

Recipes for the Charoset, Pancakes and Rolls can be sent upon request!

SO Lamb Roast 1191
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