Best. Lamb. Ever!

If we had paid top price and were in an exclusive restaurant I would have been amazed - but we weren't…
Put simply, the lamb was succulent and tender at a level I have never experienced. Ever.

We have been using the Global Sun Oven ® for around 5 years now and we are still continually amazed at the results. Soo tasty, so tender - it should be a catch phrase for this device!

Solar Cooker Lamb

The secret? Nothing. It was supermarket bought organic roast. Thrown in the roasting dish in the Global Sun Oven ® and then carved up for dinner. I simply had to take a photo - but the photo has NOTHING on the taste. Salad on the side, some fries deep fried in organic cocnut oil and horse radish Mayo. Clean and tasty.

Then cold for todays luch.


If you don't have a solar cooker - you're missing out - plain & simple!

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