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We believe...
The sun was created to give us heat, light and energy and that God's Son, Jesus was given so we could live. Because of this we want to help others in need.

The Result...
We have decided to subsidise some Global Sun Ovens® out of our own pocket for those in need*. We are allowing others to donate to this cause as well - 100% of what you donate will go towards the victims oven(s).

PLEASE do not abuse this offer and steal from us. We can not afford it and others in genuine need will then miss out. If you are in need please ensure you describe your situation to us and we will contact you before confirming the order. Alternatively you may phone us for a private conversation.

GIVERS: (donations)
If you would like to donate towards this cause, please use the form below to donate any amount over $10. Every cent you donate will go to the victims (we will even cover the payment processing fees etc from the bank(s). We will endeavour to ensure these ovens go to those in genuine need.
You can opt to have the funds distributed evenly over all the allotted ovens, or as a lump sum to one or more ovens. The latter option may mean that a family gets a free oven thanks to your generosity. The donations will not go towards extra purchases but the Global Sun Oven ® only. At this stage the donations are not tax deductible as far as we know - we just want to get these items into peoples hands who need them as quickly as possible.

You may donate whatever amount is on your heart.

I would like to donate $

Your generosity and thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated by us and we're sure will be by the victims!

*This deal is intended for those who have had natural disasters affect them in a severe way. Those who are living outside their means need not apply.