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Solar Cooking - the most rewarding, fun and responsible way to get gourmet results!
Sun Oven Australia Team!

The Sun Oven® makes solar cooking easy, effective and fun. Join the many thousands worldwide who have benefited from this amazing device!

Solar Cooking

Solar Cooking is an amazing activity that is starting to take off around the world. Originally utilised due to necessity, this form of cooking is now being pursued by many around the world for it's many benefits.

On the next few pages you will find some basic information about solar cooking, who does it, it's benefits and why the device you use is so important…
The Global Sun Oven ® solar cooker is a great investment. Buy it once and get free cooking for years! Add to this the benefits of 'leave and cook', healthier food, tastier food and environmental sensitivity - and you have a winner!


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The sun cooks…the Son saves!
The sun is a gift from God…so is the Son (Jesus)!
Ask me, and I will give you living water…
Jesus Christ

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The sun is a free gift from God - so is the Son (Jesus)!

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