I LOVE the Sun Oven! -Haylie (SA)

I LOVE my sun oven!! Was never good at baking previously, but the two cakes Ive tried in the oven and banana nut loaf turned out great Happy
I love a lamb chop with lemon and potato recipe (from Nigella Lawson) in the oven as well :+)

- Haylie (SA)

I already own a Sun Oven... -Charley (WA)

I own one [Global Sun Oven®] and am ready for more. I bake bread, roast meats, vegies, and boil water too.
I cook everything in it and love it! Cheers

- Charley WA

The Aussie Edition Sun Oven is fantastic!!!! -Cheryl (QLD)

Well I have to say the Aussie edition sun oven is fantastic!!!!
We started using it the day after it arrived and It has been going non stop!
I am now saving up for another one as we have many uses for another one!!

- Cheryl QLD

I love the Sun Oven! -Arthur (NSW)

I Love the Sun Oven - I now want to dry food for trekking on horseback - I should have bought the drying racks! It's great I can order them now...

- Arthur NSW

Great device! - Marion (WA)

I just cooked a fresh fish I caught at the beach - second meal of the day in the sun oven! Thanks so much! Read More...